3 Tips for Thriving in the Summer

by Dr Fuller on May 27, 2015


Get Outdoors: Take advantage of the warm (okay hot!) weather and get outdoors.  Summer is a great time to harness the sun’s power to improve mood and sense of well-being.  Sunlight also is necessary for your body’s production of vitamin D.  But also, being outdoors in contact with nature has a number of benefits in itself.  The outdoors encourages exercise, stimulates creativity, and produces an appreciation for the abundant variety of the natural environment.

Eat Locally:  It’s always a good idea to eat locally, because you’re much more likely to get fresh produce that’s been grown optimally.  Local produce is usually on the shelf within 24 hours of picking; it is also usually grown to the peak of ripeness making it much more tasty.  Have you ever bitten into a beautiful dark red berry that was tasteless or bitter?  It probably came from a distance and was picked before ripeness to prevent spoilage during the long journey.  Since produce loses nutrients quickly, the longer it’s off the vine, the less vital it is.  Another advantage: local produce is much less likely to be genetically engineered. Eating locally allows you to eat what’s in season which is a great way to enjoy a variety of produce.

Spend More Family Time: The kids are out of school.  With a break from the hassles of homework and after-school activities, summer is a great time to spend more time together as a family.  Studies have shown that eating meals together as a family is protective against weight problems, and even protective against certain illnesses.  But don’t stop at family meals; get in some family walks and games as well.

By the way, here’s an interesting fact: studies are showing that outdoor exposure in a natural environment relieve symptoms of attention deficit. So getting outdoors is more than fun, it’s medicinal.

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