Change 1 Thing

Dr. T’s New book As Seen On TV



Get it "Change 1 Thing" here NOW“Dr. Fuller is awesome! You won’t find any other book with such simple guidelines to change one thing to achieve your goals. This book is a must buy!!!” – A. Wilson

“Dr. Fuller has put together a great easy step by step manual on how to get the results you desire by just simply changing 1 thing. She shows you it can be done. Just trust her read the book and follow her lead. She will get you to the goal that you want to accomplish.” – Simone Hardy

“This book has a lot of great tips! It helps you change your lifestyle, not just go on a diet. If you’re really looking for permanent weight loss as well as a way to fight off diseases, I’d read this book! Written by an actual doctor and so simple! When you’ve tried so many diets, you want to give up but definitely give this one a try!” Stacy